Our Business Approach


“We are what we repeatedly do . Excellence, therefore, is not a feat, but a habit! “ARISTÓTELES


Excellentia: Latin is the state or the quality of being excellent. In Japanese it says Kaizen: Kai (change) and Zen (for better), that is, continuous improvement. The Americanized term developed by Tony Robbins is CANI which stands for “Constant and Uninterrupted Improvement”. Excellence is considered a VALUE for corporations and a PURPOSE to be achieved.


We turn ideas into value.


We have advised companies and managers in the improvement of their management and operation models. Our model is developed based on the objectives of improvement in organizational performance, quality in the construction for your business, sustainability and financial efficiency, representing the portfolio of solutions that we offer to our clients.


We work with 7 areas of knowledge, which encompass the main organizational components. For more than 20 years, our employees have accumulated experience in more than 400 corporate projects, serving customers of various sizes and sectors. We are respected market managers thinking exclusively about bringing ideas to your company and turning them into reality. We provide ideas that will fit the needs of your company and capture trends for its development and growth.


Xcellence & CO. is a company formed by expert consultants and recognized market managers. Our focus is on understanding the needs of our clients and working together with them to meet their expectations of time and enable a faster and more sustainable visibility of the results.




We do much more than projects, we give the hands to our clients in the operations and we commit ourselves in each result. We apply mature processes, developing a culture of excellence, aligned with good practices and measurement of results, leading actions to innovation and sustainable and superior results for your organization.

Your Business

We think about how to improve your business.


We respond immediately to your needs, interpret impacts and risks in a project, direct actions and assist in filling in gaps between negotiation, people, board and management to speed delivery of results. Our focus is needs and key strategic issues of your company. We complement your team’s skills, we do not try to replace it. Get to know a consulting firm that is not concerned with your own goals, but with the client’s goals. We fit the size of your organizational project and we do everything to add strength.


We process, analyze, and generate real-world solutions.


Our roadmaps and process tracking models allow for an accurate and efficient approach that collects data and makes real progress that can be perceived by the company. We do not believe in magic solutions, but in a lot of work. We have difficulties in precise solutions. The bigger the difficulty, the greater the commitment of our team. And for this we have a great differential: Experience. Much experience!


We believe in the success of each project and dedicate ourselves to seeing the results achieved. Count on our advisors’ insight and an always optimistic look. We translate strategic planning into operations. The future of your company is also our future.




Our projects generate great transformations that are not lost in time, but they add clear and well defined benefits to your company. Over 20 years we have contributed to a sustainable and successful future for hundreds of companies. Your company may also be one of those.


Each step is thought out and planned, and best of all is that we interact with our clients at every step. All planning is designed to best suit every need and expectation of our customers, from thought to application.


“In strategy, decisive is the application.” Napoleon Bonaparte


We developed strategic and tactical plans that will surprise you. Contact us and know how we can help your company in detail.